Athletic Golf PerformanceAthletic Golf Performance


The game of golf is ever changing. Golf equipment is being made to go farther and straighter and the ATHLETES on the PGA Tour are evolving as well. The top players on tour understand that to gain an edge on the competition, not only does their equipment need to be in top shape, but so do their bodies. Your average golfer spends thousands of dollars  on new balls, clubs, training aids, etc but how much is spent on what actually is swinging the club? I am talking about your body. I put athlete in bold because that is what golfers are, and athletes train their bodies to preform the best at their sport, whether it is professional or amateur players. We can look at the top players on the tour like Dustin Johnson, Ricky Fowler, or Rory Mclroy and take note pf the work these guys are putting in at the gym. When a player who knows how to strike a ball purely becomes more flexible and stronger it only makes sense they will hit the ball further, be less fatigued, and be less injury prone. The weight room is a tool that will help any athlete if used correctly.By training your bodies full range of motion, using proper technique,and efficent training methods you will learn that the weight room isn't about how big you can be, but how great you can be. Mitch and Anthony know that every golfer is different, therefore each golfer should train in a way that will develop THEIR best physique and swing. This is why AGP personalizes each clients swing and fitness training to unleash their maximum potential. By designing a body effective swing and training regiment you will reach your goals while staying healthy.

The first step of this tour level instruction is to sit down with Anthony and Mitch to discuss your goals and recieve a Heath and Swing Evaluation. Anthony will break down your swing, Finding your weaknesses while also noting any physical limitations you may have. This is where the team aspect of AGP comes into play.Anthony then relays the information to Mitch who apon your first training session will already know what needs to be improved as well as knowing what your body will allow you to do. This direct form of communication between instructor and trainer is what seperates AGP from any other sports instruction. AGP will not only improve your physical well being and golf game, but will also help prevent injuries. By training the proper muscles through strength, flexibility, and explosion drills those nagging sports injuries will become a distant memory.

As you progress through the personalized Athletic Golf Performance training program, the results will become clear. This powerful way of approaching sports training will eliminate golf swing flaws and physical barriers in an efficent and effective manner.